Part Substitutes Download File S Data Sheet Download File SD Data Sheet Download File MRF Data Sheet Download File ASI-2SC Data. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – SILICON NPN EPITAXIAL PLANAR TYPE TRANSISTOR, 2SC data sheet. The Toshiba 2SC has been discontinued for some time, and is almost unobtainable. Fortunately, however MRF data sheet). The MRF’s should be.

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In Class AB operation, the bias is set to provide the best compromise between standing current and small-signal linearity; some crossover distortion is inevitable at settings which hold standing current and its resulting dissipation down to acceptable levels. Daya addition to adequate air-mover fan capacity, air intakes and outlets of sufficient area to ensure proper airflow must be engineered into the mechanical packaging of the amplifier.

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This feature preserves automatic bandswitching when the amplifier and exciter are of different makes. Likewise, if the load SWR exceeds the matching range of the auto-tuner typically 3: An internal auto-tuner in a 1kW-class amplifier requires some cooling, to remove heat generated by losses in the inductors and fixed capacitors.

Such saturation is a major cause of intermodulation distortion. N8YXSep 3, Reflectometers located between the PA combiner output and the LPF input, the LPF output and the auto-tuner input, and also at the auto-tuner output send forward- and reflected-power signals to the controller. It allows optimising the collector-to-collector or drain-to-drain load resistance for good efficiency and controlled current swing, without going into saturation.


The filters are implemented using air-wound and ferrite-cored inductors, and low-loss, high-Q, high-current capacitors e. To avoid distorsions saturation or blocking the peak values for the output current and voltage must be always smaller than the working point voltage and current.

PA board stock should be at least 3 mm thick. These resistors reduce stage power gain by a few dB. Depending on equipment configuration, the external interfaces other than power and RF may be grouped in multi-pin connectors, to facilitate interconnection with the exciter. The combiner output is fed to a bank of bandswitched low-pass filters LPF. A 1 kW-class amplifier is made up of four W PA modules; the splitter and combiner are 5-port circuits.

What makes a good solid-state HF amp?

Once the controller has determined the operating band, it selects the correct LPF for that band. Bifilar or trifilar windings made 2sc26522 miniature coaxial cable are used.

Your question has been sent successfully. Power and control leads should enter these shielded enclosures via feed-through capacitors; RF interconnecting cables should have their braiding grounded at shield entry points. The collector-to-collector or drain-to-drain load impedance must be maintained as close to resistive as possible.

The field is wrongly filled. We will make sure give you a satisfactory answer. These are the qualities to look for:. In datw which do not reduce the drive via the ALC line at the onset of anomalous operationthis relay will be hot-switched, shortening its life. These may be programmable, to permit automatic antenna selection by frequency range or band. These filters are usually Chebyshev networks, offering high attenuation and a steep roll-off near the cutoff frequency.


A solid-state HF amplifier differs fundamentally in its design concept from a tube amplifier. Some solid-state HF amplifiers are fitted with an internal auto-tuner. One fan generally suffices at the W power level; a 1 kW amplifier requires two or three fans.

2SC Datasheet(PDF) – Toshiba Semiconductor

I agree to receive offers from other companies. I have two 2KLs, and neither one will put out anymore than PEP no matter how hard you drive them. Let us run some rough “numbers” on a typical example – a W-class exciter driving a 1 kW 2sc26522 amplifier: This is still acceptable within the context of the example given.

So there we have it — the basic, broadband, no-tune or self-tuning solid-state HF amplifier. The auto-tuner must be disengaged when using an external tuner.

Run conservatively and within specs it’ll last practically 2sc2562. K0BGAug 19, This transfers the heat generated in the devices to the ambient air. Choose us is your right choice!!